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congressman darrell issa of california and jason chaffets of utah. the documents include a number of emails and memos written by eric nordstrom a regional security officer said his request for security in benghazi were routinely buffed by the state department. one nordstrom memo from february of this year noted the easy access that they enjoyed to military grade weapons such as rpg's and vehicle mounted machine guns double a weapons 23-millimeter. he also noted ak 47's. heavy weapons and vehicle mounted weapons. these are some the very weapons used to kill stevens and three other americans on 9/11. the fall of muammar qaddafi after four decades of aauthoritarian rule in libya, led to the dissolution of the country's security forces. the disbursal of tens of thousands of small and heavy weapons and rampant lawless inness. in another memo from nebraska of this year nordstrom warned quote al qaeda affiliated groups including al qaeda aqim and other violent extremist groups are likely to take advantage of the ongoing political turmoil. the u.s. government remains concerned that such individuals
details when we have them. manhunt underway for two inmates that escaped from a prison in california. it's not known how these two got out. prison guards realized they were missing during a night check. they are believed to be dangerous. men were doing time for selling drugs. anyone who sees them is asked to immediately call 911. more trouble for disgraced cyclist lance armstrong. dallas promotional company demanding that armstrong give back as much as $12 million that he received in bonuses for winning seven tour de france race. fca promotion also request that that refund now that armstrong has been stripped of his title by the u.s. doping agency and the international cycling union. a letter listing the company's demands will be sent on monday. those are your headlines. >> thanks, alli. well, we are getting more information out of libya this morning. and the u.s. con schiewt now telling fox news that cia operatives had asked for on three different occasions help to go in and to try to rescue the ambassador, the embattled individuals there at the consulate building as that information wa
in california. she got up at 3:00 in the morning to watch this show. >> no, you can't. >> she is a real mike jerrick fan. there are legions out there. >> if you are watching the show this morning we will show you later in the show. a tease for you. we have a new "fox & friends" weekend facebook page. we are putting up polls and all sorts of stuff there we have been posting pictures and stuff on the show. >> we're fancy. >> we're cool. we are. >> we begin with headlines right now and a fox news alert. there is new video out of new haven connecticut. hook handed preacher named abu al masri is due in court any minute now. is he facing terrorist charges here in the united states where he has just landed after being extradited overnight united kingdom. he and four others tried to launch a training camp in oregon. u.s. prosecutors have been awaiting this moment for nearly a decade. al for hands and he is missing an eye after a botched attempt to wage jihad in afghanistan. is he well known in terrorist circles. once credited with inspiring as well as shoe bomber richard reid. we will will keep an e
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)